Monday, 3 March 2008

Monday Mix - 03/03/2008

Every Monday it is my intention to share 5 tracks that I have been listening to over the past week and I feel that you should definitely listen to at least once.

Ok, this is really a Tuesday mix but what the hell...

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - Find The Time
It's nice to see Get Cape return with a followup to their excellent first album, Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager and this song keeps up the standard I'm beginning to expect from Sam Duckworth and Co. The song is the first single off the new album Searching For The Hows and Whys, an album I have yet to listen to properly, only having downloaded it yesterday. The song is upbeat and reasonably catchy and the sound is exactly what I'm used to with Get Cape. I recommend you listen to the rest of the album which comes out on the 10th of March - sounds promising.

The Bluetones - Bluetonic
The Bluetone are a survivor of the 90's Britpop era and are still going today, although with only a fraction of the popularity they used to have. This song is probably their most famous, you're bound to recognise it as soon as it starts... If you like it, try their Best Of album Expecting To Fly, it's got other good tracks on it such as Slight Return and Cut Some Rug.

Weezer - Blast Off!
This song comes from Rivers Cuomo's first solo album Alone The Home Recordings Of Rivers Cuomo which is basically a collection of B-Sides from Weezer over the past 10 or so years. This song happens to be one of my favourite Weezer tracks even though it is unfinished, just cutting off at the end. It has what you'd expect of a Weezer track, a heavy, addictive riff with some excellent song writing thrown in from Cuomo. Definitely worth a listen if you're a Weezer fan.

Kerbdog - Sally
Kerbdog are an Irish grunge band from the mid 90's and this song comes from their 1997 critically acclaimed album, On The Turn. This song is easily the best song on a great album, an album I had to buy (remember buying CDs?) to hear in full. The best £4 I've spent in a while...thank you eBay.

The National - Green Gloves
Not much to say about this song expect it's a pleasant indie track from the excellent 2007 album Boxer. Try this is you like The Arcade Fire, Sons and Daughters or Interpol. Also try the first single off the album, Fake Empire.

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