Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Review - Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes

Melodies and harmonies are the order of the day with the eponymous debut from Fleet Foxes, and the rather incredible and sweet vocals that drift lightly through this most summery of summer albums, you are dragged into a world of dandelions and rolling hills via the rather driving guitar work and vocal harmonies.

To say who they sound like it is hard - there is twinges of Dylan, slights of Beach Boys, but mostly I hear a band that are not well known to the record buying public - Cosmic Rough Riders, a band obscure and whilst they have been a long time away, it has be assured that they are not over yet.

But to fill that void, Fleet Foxes do a sterling job. On the opener the harmonies start sounding a little too country, but it pulls away and becomes hymn like with many voices singing softly in melodic gold. The sound is organic, whilst it treads water musically, each track has a top tapping pace that carries it on and into a good territory where the band seem to settling on a certain rhythm. It starts to sound very good, and on Ragged Wood the vocals, strained on the longer notes, have an organic quality, much like Twilight Sad's style.

It is a real summer album, but it lacks legs, burning out after 8 or so tracks. Like all good Indie albums the band have tried to define them selves, and Fleet Foxes have done so especially well. A true treat of 2008 so far.


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Colin Brown said...

Downloading the album now, will let you know what I think... I've got a discovery coming rather soon...