Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Discovery - Sons & Daughters

You should know... Sons & Daughters.

Well, they are from Glasgow, so anyone who is Glaswegian should automatically have an unrivalled affinity with them, as that is the case with most bands from the fair city. But, there is more than that. Infelcted with folk (no, keep reading!) they have crafted two impressive albums that I have found to be very dance-able and have genunely interesting music.

What makes them different?
They have a sound that is obviously Scottish - and dirty too. The songs feel of dirty, wind, rain, peat and whisky, and the coal smell of a fire. Inside the warm and perilous chords you can hear the roars of clansmen running through hills, chasing after the English. You feel scottish, and most importantly, you will be tapping your feet too.

How did you find them?
I was introduced to them in 2006 by mr MTV2, which is rare now. I bought the first album and was s impressed I actually wanted to see them live. Come Idlewild at the Barras a few times ago and they were supporting. Whilst my cronies where getting drunk (not to say I wasn't) I sneaked a little listen, to find most of the crowd very unimpressed. Idlewild have this folky types interested, but also attract indie lovers and they would have been slightly put off by the fierceness of the music. I feel though, that with the new album, they have pulled of what Idlewild seem to be missing - a Scottish indie record, that feels like Scotland should.

Okay, Ill try them.
Try these two from the new album, Gilt Complex and Rebel With the Ghost.

Final Word?
I don't know if these guys are going to be everyones cup of tea, but I suppose that is the charm...


A Woman with an Opinion said...

Hmmm you didn't look at Alex's music blog by any chance did you? ;)

Mark Shields said...

I don't know who Alex is. I took the idea for this from