Monday, 18 February 2008

Monday Mix - 18/02/2008

Every Monday it is my intention to share 5 tracks that I have been listening to over the past week and I feel that you should definitely listen to at least once.

Biffy Clyro - Joy.Discovery.Invention
Biffy Clyro are an excellent example of a typical Scottish rock band. They continually churn out catchy, upbeat tracks and their latest album "Puzzle" is no exception to this rule, I strongly suggest you give it a listen if you haven't already. Joy.Discovery.Invention is the 1st track of their debut album Blackened Sky, arguably the best of their 4 albums. This song comes across very dark, I'm not quite sure of it's meaning but it is definately an excellent 1st track on one of my most favourite albums of all time. If you like this track don't forget to give 57 and Justboy on the album a listen too.

Coldplay - Don't Panic
I've really been getting back into Coldplay lately, Parachutes has been getting a lot of air play in my car. Not much can be said about this song really apart from it being a very catchy pop song. I love the lyrics "bones sinking like stones, all that we've fought for, homes, places we've grown, all of us are done for" Very catchy.

Ben Folds - Fred Jones Part 2
I was excited to hear that Ben Fold's is playing at T in the Park this year, I'd really like to see him play live. However, thanks to fucking Ticketmaster I didn't get a ticket - I'm not impressed as my language suggests. Maybe I'll get to see him if I can buy an overpriced ticket off ebay, we'll see. Anyway, I've finished ranting now. Fred Jones Part 2 is a lovely song, very emotional and powered by really strong lyrics and vocals.

Ben Folds Five - Fair
Ben Folds Five is Ben Fold's playing with his group. Ben Folds Five only has three members but since "Ben Folds Three" doesn't have quite the same ring to it, he went with Ben Folds Five. This song is rather quirky, I love the piano work throughout the track, very catchy. You'll never get the chicken noises out your head after listening to the have been warned.

Ash - Polaris
Ash's main singer wrote the main piano part for Polaris while staying in Bono's holiday home in the South of France. It's the main piano part that really drives the song forward, if you like Ash you'll really enjoy this song.

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Jonathan said...

Some good choices. My smallest brother has just got Whatever and Ever Amen, and I have quite naturally thieved it from him. I like all of the Rockin' the Suburbs album - I found that the songs that aren't immediately catchy grow on you after 2 or 3 listenings. And I still think Parachutes is still Coldplay's best album.