Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Discovery - Thrice

Thrice are an experimental rock band founded in 1998 while the members were still in high school. This is clearly evident when you look at at their early work, it is full of immature songs that have a very harsh sound to them. Yet I find this harsh sound strangely compelling and I must say I find their earlier work far more enjoyable. I wouldn't call myself an expert on this band, they have 5 full length albums and I've listened to 4 of them rather infrequently. However, I can spot a good track quickly and sadly of the 4 albums I can find only 5 or 6 songs that I really enjoy. However, these tracks are really good and hence I feel that Thrice are a band definitely worth listening to.

Who are they like I hear you ask? Well, even though they aren't classed as 'emo' I still think of emo bands when I think of similarities and The Used immediately spring to mind mainly due to the high pitched singing they both feature. However if you enjoy a bit of post-hardcore music definitely give Thrice a listen.

Here are 3 tracks you should listen to - the first two are nothing short of brilliant...

Don't Tell and we Won't Ask
The Artist in the Ambulance
Ultra Blue

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Mark Shields said...

Yeah, they are pretty godo, might have to come back to them at some point, when I am more into that kind of music.

They do sound like a few bands though, like a heavy Jimmy Eat World and more like Fightstar... it is the vocalist that makes it Emo though, they sound VERY like 30Seconds to Mars...